NYC TV/TV Band Dissolves

NYC Band TV/TV is no longer. Lead vocalist, Josh Ocean announced the end of the band via a Facebook update on Wednesday, April 27th:

“Dear Friends,
I have recently made the decision to disolve the band TV/TV and continue making music with my new project. It was not an easy decision. TV/TV was such an important part of my life for so long. Through my work with TV/TV I had amazing experiences, met amazing people and had many dreams come true. However the events of the past year had snowballed the band into a position that continued to drain me emotionally and my love for making music. Problems with our record lable, managemt company and other circumstances completely out of our control caused me to lose sight what I was really trying to do as an artist and musician. I had been struggeling with trying get TV/TV on a different track. I realized that what I want and what TV/TV was were two different things. It was not fair to myself to try and force something that was not. It was not fair to the fans of the TV/TV music that I let it be forgotten and pushed aside because of my new musical pursits. Through the struggles of the past year I reconnected with many aspects of myself, especially musically and it has been truly wonderful. Doc and I are forming a new group and are currently recording our debut ep to be released in June. I am as excited today about making music as I was 5 years ago when I started TV/TV. I want to deeply thank you for all of your support over the years. Each and everyone of you has meant more to me that you know. I look forward to sharing my new music with you very soon.

TV/TV music is now on iTunes. Including a new EP and Something To Get Excited About and More

-Josh Ocean”

While this is sad news, fans don’t fret. Ocean is under way with a new project. Check out Facebook for updates.

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