Destry ‘Waiting on an Island’ Album Review

Destry Waiting On an Island Album Review \ Eat Sleep Breathe Music

When Michelle DaRosa, former vocalist for Straylight Run, set out on her own in 2008, she was destined to create something great. DaRosa teamed up with four other artists who are also currently in other bands, to create Destry. The mingling of the different influences created their sophomore album, Waiting on an Island.

Each song seems to have a different influence. “This Island,” and “Don’t Break My Heart,” channel Patsy Kline while “Never Let Go” and “Smile” are reminiscent of The Beatles. Whichever song you listen to, the entire album has that vintage sound that so many new bands lack. They have successfully brought back “dreamy, upbeat, 60’s pop.”

It’s common knowledge that DaRosa has a beautiful and unique voice, and it perfectly mingles with the band’s male vocals. The band may only be two years old, but there is a bright future ahead of them.

For more information on Destry check out their MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get Waiting on an Island now on iTunes!

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