FREE Song From AM Taxi and SideKick4G Contest

AM Taxi is offering a FREE download of their cover of The Rolling Stone’s “Paint It Black.”

The band is also a part of the Sikekick4G’s contest to win a marketing and recording fund

1) Go follow TWITTER.COM/SK4GKICKIT and enter #sk4g @amtaxi as many times as your thumbs and/or brain will allow.

2) For Facebook go to the Sidekick4G Facebook page click the like button. Posting positive comments about AM Taxi on the Sidekick4G Facebook page definitely helps us.

3) On May 6, 2011 there will be a vote on which band has gained the most fans at the Sidekick4G Facebook and used the Sidekick4G the most to connect with there fans.

For more information go to AM Taxi’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Listen below to the song and get it free here! Don’t forget to vote for AM Taxi.

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