Show Review: Ben Franklin’s Album Release @ The Cake Shop

Packed tightly in the basement of the Cake Shop, Ben Franklin wasted no time to delivering high-energy trademark rock and roll performance. They got right down to business by starting off with their politically conscious track, “Teamwork”, followed up with “No Pleasing You.” By the time “Drink to Forget” and “Urgency” had come on, a small mosh pit had begun to erupt during the songs. This was awesome. Too many times I go to shows filled with wallflowers, but not this one.

Rather then tell the crowd to behave and act a certain way; Ben Franklin began to feed off the crowd’s energy. Not bothered by microphone stands falling, drinks spilling, and the crashing of beer bottles.  They continued to please the sweaty, riled up, and somewhat intoxicated fans.  Where does Ben Franklin go from here? How about an Irish inspired drinking song? Covered in sweat, but never missing a beat, Ben Franklin soothed the savage beast with “Smile” (played by guest keyboardist Kerry McNutly), my favorite song off the new e.p. “Urgency”.

To finish of the set, Ben Franklin went into their pop punk style theme song, “Ben Franklin.” Lead singer Billy Grey began chanting off inventions and accomplishments the real Ben Franklin had done, while the crowd responded by chanting back “Ben Franklin!” By the end of the song bassist, Eddie Garza began to tear his guitar apart in a fashion that Kurt Kobain would be proud to have done himself. A solid performance from beginning to end, Ben Franklin did not disappoint. They truly looked like they had fun playing each song and delivered that same high energy each time.

If you are in the Jersey Shore area this Saturday March 5th you can catch Ben Franklin at Dos Locos, Asbury Park, NJ headlining the Asbury Media Expo.

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