Titus Andronicus Shooting Video in Asbury Park and Jersey City Today

NJ Band Titus Andronicus will be around the Garden State today shooting a video for “No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future.”. This morning they were in Little Egg Harbor, the afternoon they will be in Asbury Park, and this evening they will be in Jersey City.

Details from their blog

“This coming Sunday, February the 20th, we in Titus Andronicus will submit ourselves to the will of famed NJ independent radio fixture and up-and-coming music video director Tom Scharpling in the interest of making some moving pictures to go along with our song, “No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future.” This our song about how you will always be a loser, remember?

The concept of the video is quite simply a one-day tour of the great state of New Jersey, a place that Titus Andronicus is often wont to sing about, and somewhere much beloved by Tom Scharpling to boot. We will run around the state in our van, hop out to rock out, and then on to the next. Get it? Our fondest dream is that when we get to our various locations, you will be there, chomping at the bit to jump up and down in some approximation of punk-ish enthusiasm. Chances are, once we get there and see that you are really nice, we’ll probably play a couple other songs for real, just because we live to entertain you. Is that okay? Will you be there?

“Where is there?” Fair question. “There” is here, at these times:”

11 Pinewood Drive
Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Asbury Park Boardwalk Casino
1150 Boardwalk
Asbury Park, NJ

Roof Of The Iron Monkey
97 Greene Street
Jersey City, NJ

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