Song of the Day: “Sugar” by Wake Up Lucid

Today’s song of th day: “Sugar” by Wake Up Lucid. This is the title track from the band’s new EP due out on February 15th.The LA trio made up of Ryan Baca (singer/guitarist) and his two cousins Ian Baca (bass) and Jamie (drums) started back in 2008. The boys grew up watching their dads play music together. With this band they are keeping up the family tradition. Their name was born from a vision of Ryan Baca’s father, who passed years earlier. In the dream, they wrote a song together, and the name of the song was “Wake Up Lucid.”

In the two years since Wake Up Lucid’s inception, the band has already gained recognition from Rolling Stone, KEXP, My Old Kentucky Blog and many others. Following up their 2009, all-analog EP Look Alive People. Currently, Wake Up Lucid is already back in the studio tracking for an upcoming debut full-length. The future is definitely bright for this rock and roll family, as Ryan Baca states, “Our dads were brothers. We grew up watching them play together, and doing this just keeps up that family tradition.”

The band will be having a record release party at Bootleg Theatre in LA on Wednesday, February 16th. Listen below and for more information check out the band’s official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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