Red Wanting Blue @ The Saint 11-18-10

Red Wanting Blue at the Saint | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

Red Wanting Blue rolled into Asbury Park, NJ on Thursday night to play at The Saint. Band members Scott Terry (lead vocals, tenor guitar, ukulele), Mark McCullough (bass, chapman stick, vocals), Greg Rahm (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Eric Hall (guitar, lap steel, vocals), and Dean Anshutz (drums, percussion, washboard) call Columbus, Ohio home, but have toured across America for more than a decade and they have a plethora of loyal fans in every town.

Last night’s location was no exception. Founding member Scott Terry is a Jersey boy himself and had several family members and old friends in the crowd. He was ecstatic to be back in NJ performing at the legendary Saint for the venue’s 16th birthday. He proclaimed his love to his Jersey roots and threw up a fist pump into the air.

Red Wanting Blue kicked off their performance with “Pride Is a Lonely Blanket (When We Speak)” – Scott Terry’s burly baritone vocals passionately boomed “We started falling apart. At the heart. We’ll be broken ’til the end”. The crowd was mesmerized by his animated facial expressions, controlled movements, and fieriness delivered with every note.

They delivered a two hour non-stop, energetic performance playing over 15 songs from These Magnificent Miles Pride: The Cold Lover , and The Warehouse Sessions albums, an additional treat was what I would call a little country ditty with Terry and drummer Dean Anshutz on washboard, but it was actually a cover of “A Pastie and a G-String” by Tom Waits. RWB finished the night with their “1st official” 2nd Encore and played “Venus 55”by request of Scott Terry’s old high school friend who had not seen the band perform since their first CD release party.

Almost as impressive as their performance was a superb merch display and a vast amount of trinkets and collectibles setup along the stage; including a Lite Brite with RWB written in rainbow-colored pegs and numerous toys and trophies.

Although I have seen Red Wanting Blue numerous times, they never disappoint. I am amazed each and every time, this is truly a band to watch. Check out the video below to see them perform “Space-Time”.

Set List:
Pride is a lonely Blanket (When We Speak)
US Bumper Sticker
Space Time
Spies and Lovers
Hope on a Rope
The World Is Over
Where You Wanna Go
You Are My Las Vegas
Finger in the Air
Lover Don’t Leave
Red Ryder

Your Alibi

“1st Official” 2nd Encore:
Venus 55

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