Rocking Under the Radar: Young the Giant

Young the Giant 2012 Headlining Tour
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Where Are They From?

Sunny California

When Did They Start?

A while ago, but their official name change came in January of this year.  Previously, they were known as The Jakes.

Who Are They? A California indie rock band that plays in the epic vein of Arcade Fire, but is closer in heart to bands like the Delta Spirit and Local Natives.  They have been playing together since high school and ultimately decided to pursue music full-time.  It was a good choice, as they write incredibly catchy folk-driven songs that are fussed with until they develop an air of grandeur few bands can muster and/or accomplish so well.

Why Should You Care?

Their music is gorgeous and incredibly heartfelt for what would normally be considered “rock.”  The songs have a mainstream appeal to them but don’t have any of that glossy sheen that makes good songs sound like lite-FM adult alternative garbage.  This band is unique and you need to hear them in order for you to introduce it to your friends and look cool as beans…

What Do They Have to Say?

  • “My body tells me no/But I won’t quit/Cause I want  more” – Lyric from “My Body”
  • “Oh what did I say?/She’s all shook up/Lost in the summer, man/We’re burning up/The time don’t show/When the sun gets carried/The tide curves off your body/Oh you’ll stay with me” – Lyric from “Strings”

How Do They Sound?


“My Body”

For more information on the band check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and  MySpace pages. Get their music now on Amazon!

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