Local Band Verity In Stereo Wins National Competition!

Monmouth County’s Verity In Stereo have been together for just one year, but are already attracting national attention.

They may be four friends from the Jersey Shore, but Verity In Stereo won’t just be Monmouth County’s best-kept secret for long. On October 28th, the indie piano-rock quartet were crowned the winners of Korg’s Reprise Rivalry contest—the culmination of a four-month-long competition involving more than one thousand artists from around the country.

After submitting their song “One Shot” for consideration, Verity In Stereo were selected from over one thousand hopefuls to join just 99 other bands in the first public-voting round of the competition. Each of the 100 bands had to garner votes by encouraging their fans to vote at the Reprise Rivalry website, powered by SonicBids.

The top 50 vote-earners were then submitted to a panel of music industry professionals, who hand-picked just eight bands to advance to the second round of public voting. As finalists, Verity In Stereo were given one month and $500 worth of equipment to remix and rerecord “One Shot”. The rules of the contest gave each band total freedom to change as little or as much of their original song as they wanted, but Verity In Stereo weren’t satisfied to merely make tiny tweaks. Enlisting the aid of local producer Kurt Leon, the band transformed the original—an indie rock song with heavy jazz and hip-hop influences—into a straightforward, energetic dance track. Of the eight bands in the final round, fans could vote for their favorite by downloading their remixed song for free. After a full month of nation-wide voting, Verity In Stereo were announced as winners of the grand prize: a suite of instruments and gear worth over $5,000 and at least one year of sponsorship from industry giants Korg, Vox, and Marshall.

“We couldn’t be happier that we won,” says lead singer Kiirstin Kuhi. “We were all screaming and jumping up and down. The prizes and sponsorships are great, but we’re just so humbled and grateful that we won, out of more than a thousand bands. We really do have the best fans in the world.”

Their victory is the most recent national honor Verity In Stereo has received, but it’s far from the first. The band has previously shared a stage with nationally-touring act MAE, and just this summer opened the final show of MTV’s Too Fast For Love Tour, headlined by platinum-selling acts 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship.
For more information about Verity In Stereo, visit www.verityinstereo.com or become a fan at facebook.com/verityinstereo.

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