Artist of the Month: Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira, her obsession is your desire. At 18 the sultry, pop songstress is making a name for herself.

Sky Ferreira Artist of the Month Feature November 2010 | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

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At the young age of 14, she began professionally singing and acting. Gaining popularity on MySpace catapulted her singing career to another level.  To date she has appeared in French synth-pop artist Uffie’s video for “Pop the Glock,” as well as a principal role in Matt Porterfield’s upcoming indie drama Putty Hill, which has screened at film festivals around the world. Additionally, her music has been featured on the hit show Vampire Diaries.

Ferreira has been in London and Sweden working on her as-yet-untitled debut album which will drop in the U.S. in 2011 on Capitol Records. She has been working with a host of A-list songwriters and producers, including Swedish hitmakers Bloodshy & Avant (whom Ferreira hooked up with after reaching out to them on MySpace when she was 15), Greg Kurstin, Linda Perry, Ryan Tedder, Dallas Austin, Paul Epworth, Teddybears, and Frankmusik.

Citing an array of influences such as including image-conscious chameleons Madonna, David Bowie, and Britney Spears, French pop sophisticates Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot, as well as raucous all-female groups like the Spice Girls and the Runaways the album is set to be a collection of illustrious synth beat dance, pop gems.

Sky Ferreira creates music that is filled with feel good, hyper electronica pop melodies on her singles “One,” “Obsession,” and “17”

Lyrically she boasts about the perils of being young and growing up too fast. Sky Ferreira has a polished glittery dance sound that you will be rocking out to.

ESBMusic caught up with Sky Ferreira and learned about her musical influences and her “obesssion” with vampires.

ESBM: How did you get into acting and singing? How old were you?
SF: I started doing both professionally at 14.

ESBM: If you weren’t acting or singing, what would you be doing?
SF: To be honest, I never had enough time to make a back-up plan!

ESBM: How long were you performing before your were signed?
SF: I’ve been performing for as long as I can remember.

ESBM: Has your career changed since being on a label?
SF: It’s definitely a lot more busy now.

ESBM: The song “17” is about a young girl who is secretly a wild party girl. Does this reflect you at 17?
SF: Not really. I was actually going out at 15 but nothing too crazy. I was just going out.

ESBM: You say that Iggy Pop and Kyle Minogue are your obsessions, who else are your musical influences?
SF: Nelson Riddle, Diana Ross’s “Mahogany” theme song.

ESBM: Since you are Portuguese, do you bring any of that culture into your music?
SF: Not right now, but maybe in the future?

ESBM: Your song “One” was the first European Single and “Obsession” was the 1st US Single, why did you choose different songs to be released in those regions at those times?
SF: Their radio is a little different so the singles are geared towards each continent.

ESBM: Your debut album is set to release next year. What can we expect of the album?
SF: A lot of dance songs, 108 year olds, anger, numbers.

ESBM: Your single “Obsession” was featured on Vampire Diaries. How did that come about?
SF: They asked, and I said yes.

ESBM: Are you a fan of the show?
SF: Yes!

ESBM: Do you like all the vampire stuff?
SF: I love Robert Pattinson.

ESBM: Has being on the widely popular drama affected your fan base at all?
SF: It’s definitely brought more attention to “Obsession”. I’m grateful for that.

ESBM: Actor Michael Madsen acts as the object of your super-fan obsession in the video “Obsession.” How was he chosen as the subject? Are you a fan of his?
SF: I’m a fan of his and I’m a fan of Reservoir Dogs, and I’m a very big fan of Quentin Tarantino.

ESBM: In your music video “Obsession” you cut off that girls hair for revenge, what is an ultimate revenge for someone who’s wronged you?
SF: It depends on the person…

ESBM: Will you be going on tour to support this album? If so, what places are you most looking forward to playing?
SF: I’m excited to play everywhere but Tokyo is somewhere I really want to go to.

ESBM:What are your plans for the future?
SF: To make more records and keep doing what I do.

ESBM: Thanks for partaking in the interview!
SF: Thanks so much!

For more information on Sky Ferreira check out her official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Get her music on streaming platforms including Amazon.

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