Neil Rutman releases Second Life


I like music when it’s meant to nourish and be uplifting, especially when you’ve had one of those days. Neil Rutman writes those kinds of songs that are meant to make you feel better about life. He’s a producer and singer/songwriter whose latest EP Second Life might very well pass for a Christian album because of the cover. But it isn’t quite. It’s more than that.

It’s a build up from his second album Clawing My Way To The Middle and it’s about getting a new start. I suppose that’s what a lot of us feel like. With the recession keeping everybody fighting just to get by and bumming everyone out, we could use a fresh start and Second Life provides it.

Check it out if you need a boost. Find out more Neil Rutman here or on Facebook

<a href=”″ target=”itunes_store”>Clawing My Way to the Middle – Neil Rutman</a>

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