Music To Get You Off Your A.S.S. from Oct. 9 – 15


DeerhunterHalcyon Digest
Indie-rock self defined is music that is like regular rock music, but just a little grittier and riskier in terms of how sounds of develops. Deerhunter encapsulates this description almost completely, they do some things slightly differently, and in this album at least they succeed.

Gin BlossomsNo Chocolate Cake
Not quite Gorillaz, but also not not quite Gorillaz. Confused? Listen to the album and everything will become startling clear when this trippy, indie rock band’s music washes over you.

Seal6: Commitment
Great singer, gracious person and married to Heidi Klum, it’s hard not to look at Seal and view him with at least some sort of envy. “Commitment” is yet another reason to envy Seal as he once again finds a way to captivate listeners with a very understated sense of what simply sounds good.

Sufjan StevensThe Age of Adz
When your album sounds like it was made on a Casio you might be in trouble, this is exactly the case for Sufjan Stevens. The quality of this album seems like it literally took less than a day to make and it really shows.


Josh Groban“Hidden Away”
Grandiose is not something music should ever be (see: Muse) unless you’re literally standing feet away from a performer. Groban does his best to be grandiose, he fails at it, and somehow this turns out to not be a good thing.

Waka Flocka Flame, Roscoe Dash, & Wale – “No Hands”
I guess with T-Pain on the shelf for a while someone had to take of the void that was left in the stripper song rap genre. Enter Roscoe Dash, who really is a mixture between Soulja Boy and T-Pain. Dash makes this song ridiculous enough that not even Wale’s quality verse can save it, Waka doesn’t help either.

50 Cent“Burn Me”
Emotion and feelings aren’t normally things touched on in the typical 50 Cent song, unless he’s talking about not having any. A slow tempo matched with equally smooth, soulful lyrics Curtis actually conjures the rare feeling of sympathy from the listener.

“Haterade”Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, & Pharrell
Pharrell and the once Neptunes, now N.E.R.D. have been producing smooth beats since “Change Clothes” by Jay-Z came out.  Even the normally brash Gucci and Nicki cannot defer from.


Saturday the 9th:

K’NAAN at Webster Hall in New York at 6:30 p.m.
His most well known song, “Wavin’ Flag” was the theme song for two of the biggest events in the past couple years; the election of President Barack Obama and the World Cup. If this song was good enough to be a staple in both of these huge events, just think how amazing it’s going to be when your only 50 feet away from him performing it.

Monday the 11th:
Broken Bells at Terminal 5 in New York at 7 p.m.
Time after time Terminal 5 has given audiences the best and brightest of the music business. The trend continues when the Broken Bells take the stage Monday night with melodies that will be around the alt-rock genre for many more years.

Tuesday the 12th:

Mike Posner at Irving Plaza in New York at 6:30 p.m.
While “Cooler Than Me” is the only song that has achieved a lot of radio play over the past few months it’s far from Poser’s only hit. Songs like “Drug Dealer Girl” and “Smoke and Drive” will certainly he performed and loved by the crowd. Also, on a side note, he gets tons of positive reviews for shows from fans on twitter and is pretty solid follow himself. Find him at @MikePosner.

Wednesday the 13th:

Jimmy Eat World at Terminal 5 in New York at 7 p.m.
Wow, another great group performing at Terminal 5? That is just shocking. All kidding aside, the rebirth of Jimmy Eat World is great to listen to on your iPod, but nothings better then a great band being taken in, in person.

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