Angie Mattson Skeleton Arm

Listening to Angie Mattson’s Skeleton Arm transforms you to another place. This is mood music that sets a scene, it’s no wonder Angie’s songs have been featured in films and TV shows. Her songs float through the room and her slow subtle vocals linger in the air like smoke. She sings about love and relationships but the lyrics are not so in your face that the music gets lost behind them. Several different elements are found accompanying her vocals to set the scene of each track. My favorite song off the new release is “Cool Water”. The intro sounds like the opening of a movie scene then the guitar and drums come in followed by Angie’s dark sultry vocals. This song feels like a hot southern swampy night with Spanish moss. I had the pleasure seeing Angie Mattson live at The Saint last night. She seamlessly translates the recorded album into a live performance. Check out the video below of “Cool Water”.

Skeleton Arm is now available on Skeleton

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