Pete Yorn: Early 90’s Feel, New Car Smell

Pete Yorn may be relatively unknown to most current music fans, but Pearl Jam and Nirvana are both extremely well known. The only difference other than the lack of Courtney Love is that Pete Yorn may have come onto the scene 15 years too late. The New Jersey native Yorn has achieved some success with earlier albums like Day I Forgot and Back and Fourth, but never superstardom. With consistent guitar riffs alongside lyrics, that while not always masterfully performed are full of heart. Just for a second the opening strings of “Paradise Cove I” will make you believe Kurt Cobain is about to come on the microphone.

This startling resemblance to several bands from the early 1990’s also has its benefits; it makes Yorn extremely original sounding. While other bands nowadays seem a dime a dozen Yorn’s classic 90’s sound provides a nice change of pace. Something about his songs have the feeling of popping a cassette in your car and taking a drive down the coast on a Sunday afternoon. This sort of sound may not win Yorn any awards or make him a music legend, but songs like “Badman” will undoubtedly make your day just a little cooler.

For more information on Pete Yorn, check out his official website. Get his self-titled album now on iTunes!

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