Music To Get You Off Your A.S.S. from Oct. 2 – 8


Brandon FlowersFlamingo
Taking a break from his group work with the “Killers” to pursue a solo musical outlet Brandon Flowers proves that he can in fact be a one-man-band. As good as this album is anyone who likes the “Killers” shouldn’t worry as Flowers has said this is only a temporary departure.

Serj TankianImperfect Harmonies
Genius, maniac, egomaniac and gifted performer are all terms that have been used to describe former front man of System of a Down; and all of these descriptions are probably accurate. Love him or hate him Serj is what is he is and his music is always going to be a trip (see: acid trip).

Billy CurringtonEnjoy Yourself
Any album title that encourages me to have a good time listening to the music is an album worth listening to. Enjoy Yourself doesn’t need to beg for such enjoyment as the short but sweet album takes you through Billy’s likes and dislikes through well sung melodies.

Fistful of MercyAs I Call You Down”
Part folksy, part alt-rock and part early pop music Fistful of Mercy’s music is much more peaceful than their heavy metal sounding name.


50 Cent featuring Soulja Boy“Mean Mug”
When I originally heard that 50 was going to do a song with Soulja Boy I was almost as worried as when 50 dropped down to an anorexic weight level. Luckily this song isn’t about “supermanning any hoes” or “cranking that Batman” and can actually pass for a true arrogant 50 Cent song.

Michael Buble“Hollywood”
Something about Michael Buble reminds me of a wannabe Robin Thicke. As smooth as Buble’s songs are, they just seem to lack a little bit of soul compared to the aforementioned Mr. Thicke.

30 Seconds to Mars“Closer to the Edge”
The best word to describe this song is inspirational; no other word captures the feeling of this song so perfectly. It has that overly uplifting tone to it that makes me think that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is coming on.

Rihanna “Only Girl (In the World)”
Remember the days before Chris Brown and before Rihanna scared you? I’m not saying those days are back , but it’s definitely possible with her latest song that reminds me a lot more of “Unfaithful” than it does “Rude Boy.”


Saturday the 2nd:
The xx at United Palace Theatre in New York at 8 p.m.
The very definition of chill music, The xx mixes soft lulling vocals with a variety of well played instruments. Their music can easily make you want to fall asleep, and not because they’re boring, but simply because their music is just so damn relaxing.

Tuesday the 5th:
Godsmack at Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom in New York at 6:30 p.m.
While the metal/rock genre has been on the decline in recent years, with few new acts rising to prominence, Godsmack remains a sign from the glory days. The testosterone driven band promises to make all of their fans relive the days of Mudvayne and System of a Down.

Macy Gray at Gramercy Theatre in New York at 7 p.m.
Macy Gray is probably as gifted a singer as she is completely crazy. Conveniently this is a concert where she will be singing and not a lecture on her interesting political views.

Thursday the 7th:
Cee Lo Green at Irving Plaza in New York at 8 p.m.
Half of the group that brought the wildly popular “Crazy” just a couple years ago and the currently popular “Fuck You”, Cee Lo Green has a broad range of talents. This solo performance should be a showcase for all of these talents with his gospel-like vocals.

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