Antonio Paul makes “City Dreams” come true

Antonio Paul Review

I can’t get enough of Antonio Paul, especially their song “City Dreams.” It seems that I can’t play this song without hitting repeat at least once and I can’t even tell you what my favorite part of the song is. I love every second of its bouncy indie-pop goodness.

Now, Antonio Paul is not one dude. It’s actually a couple of 19-year-old from Australia whose last names are Antonio and Paul. Apparently, two guys are all you need to make music these days. Antonio Paul creates their quirky sound without the aid of additional musicians, even doing so live. They take this same self-sufficiency to the recording process and recorded their three song EP Treasures independently. Not bad for a couple of teenagers.

Treasures was just released on iTunes and in addition to “City Dreams,” contains the songs “Monsters” and “West Coast Kids.” I’d highly recommend picking up a copy and if you find yourself down under, keep an eye out for a tour soon.

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