Song of the Day: “Shadows” by Audio Playground

Today’s song is “Shadows” by Edmonton, Alberta-based Audio Playground. Audio Playground is the latest collaboration between Canadian producers Rubix & DRC and singer Anthony Gitto. The trio came together in June of 2009 and immediately burned up the music charts and the dance floor with its first single “(A Little) Respect,” a remake of the new-wave hit by British synthpop duo Erasure which held down the #1 single spot in Canada for six consecutive weeks while being trailed by international stars Lady Gaga, Madonna, The Black Eyed Peas and U2.

“Shadows” is the group’s second single which comes in an EP with seven various pop, rhythmic and club versions. The trio again surrounded itself with some of the world’s top remixers to generate a broad array of “Shadows” for different audiences. Versions by Digital Dog and Bimbo Jones from the U.K. and Tracy Young & Mike Rizzo from the U.S. are featured alongside Latin influenced rhythms by initial collaborators Berrios, Douglas and Taylor-Weber.

“Shadows was meant to be our first release”, says Gitto. He adds that there was even an earlier music video for it. But after a change of plans and in light of the success enjoyed by their debut single, the band retooled “Shadows” and even reshot the song’s video on 16mm film with a full production crew.

Audio Playground has an album in the works and the band spends its time commuting between Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and their label’s Western Canadian home base. They are also collaborating with other chart topping singers in some of their penned releases while also spicing up the lyrics to their songs with lines in Spanish, French and other languages.

“Shadows” is slated for release in North America on Aug. 10 and worldwide on Sept. 4.

Listen to the song below and get it now on iTunes! For more information on Audio Playground check out their official website and  MySpace.

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