Primus Gives Away Free Download

Primus is in the mist of their first headlining tour in four years and the band is pleased to offer a handful of tracks from tour rehearsals at Primus HQ in San Rafael, CA, earlier this summer.  Les, Ler and Jay thought it would be fun to share them with their fans. The band plans to head into the studio soon to record their first album since 1999.

Les Claypool said, “I haven’t rehearsed a band this hard since Frog Brigade decided to perform Pink Floyd’s epic Animals album.  Having Jay back in the band has rejuvenated our excitement for Primus and being that he is one of my favorite drummers in the world, the music that is coming out of us is beyond anything we’ve ever done before.  It’s like ‘sultry-acid-space-rock’.”

Fans can download the rehearsals at the bands website:

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