Listen to gummishark’s “Livin’ in 2012” and Download it Free

TV/TV lead vocalist, Josh Ocean has has a side project with electronic music producer Tommie Sunshine, electronics wizard Mark Verbos & VHS Or Beta’s bass player Mark Palgy entitled gummishark. The guys came together over their disgruntlement with BP & Halliburton’s damage to the Gulf Of Mexico and released “Livin’ in 2012” last week, on day 100 of this disaster.

The band says the name gummishark comes from a visual of a dead shark that washed ashore Ship Island, Mississippi two weeks after the spill. Josh Ocen says, “It reflects how much denial people have implemented to their daily lives to process this catastrophe.” He goes on to share this information with friends. “We must all join together & make sure that things like this stop happening in our lifetime so our children have an ocean to swim in & a world left after our abuse of it.”

Listen to the song below and then download it free here to help spread the word.

gummishark – Livin’ In 2012 by tommiesunshine

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