Song of the Day: “Distance” by A Common Year

Today’s song is “Distance” by A Common Year. This song is off their recently released 12-track debut album, Between Cities. The album was written, recorded and produced solely by its four members in bedrooms and basements throughout the state of Indiana.  In less than six months, Between Cities has amassed upwards of 3,000 online downloads, and has been featured and praised on popular music sites such as and Alter the Press – impressive for a band with no prior releases and a playing tenure of under one year.

The members developed as a band while attending different universities in separate cities earning degrees.  The band’s work has drawn comparisons to Jimmy Eat World, The Dangerous Summer, Acceptance and The Graduate – to name a few.

A Common Year offers Between Cities, in its entirety, completely free at Listen to “Distance” and more below and for more information on the band, visit MySpace and Facebook.

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