Album Review – Breathe Electric ‘Lovestruck’

Electro-pop bands are more common than oil spills at this point.  You can’t turn on a radio without hearing an upbeat electro-pop anthem with an up-tempo beat and catchy slightly humorous lyrics.  Chicago based Breathe Electric just released their third EP Lovestruck to this increasingly crowded scene and do their best to be heard over the din.

Nothing about struck is groundbreaking; the six tracks won’t surprise anybody who has listened to popular music in the past few years. Then again lack of creativity is not necessarily a bad thing in this instance. The EP is insanely energetic from start to finish and if you are in the right mood you will instantly want to go dancing so I don’t recommend anybody with a depilatory muscle disease or paraplegics to listen to more than one song in a row.  In fact, the same goes for anybody listening to Breathe Electric, the songs would be more enjoyable as a fast paced surprise in between lower temper songs. If played consecutively you will get burned out before you finish the third track, coincidentally titled Stay With Me, that starts fast and doesn’t slow down until it fades out in the last four seconds. The slowest song of the bunch is Electronic Lover, which may or may not be about stalking somebody on Facebook, and is slow in the same way that one rocket is slightly slower than another rocket even though both are going pretty fast.

Lovestruck is a great EP for people who love to dance, and if heard in a club it will get multiple jumping heads of approval. It doesn’t break away from the pack, but with songs like these the pack is a pretty fun place to be. Lovestruck and the other Breathe Electric EP’s are available on iTunes and at select Hot Topics.

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