Good Morning Milo-Rocking Pop/Rock in San Diego


Good Morning Milo from San Diego writes forlorn and angsty pop/rock songs with spurts of bitterness and soaring falsettos. Their latest release is entitled Through the Chaos and the Clatter and at 14 songs, it is a true  album experience complete with an intro instrumental track “Pickup Lines” and an intermission instrumental track “The Proposal” to open up for “Engaged.”

For the most part, Good Morning Milo serves up radio-ready songs except that their melodies are slightly off from what I usually hear on the radio, in a good way. The singer has a way of stretching out melodies, especially in the choruses, so that a phrase is extended allowing the melody will ring out. It gives the songs a different feel and since it comes unexpectedly, it keeps you listening for the next one.

One more thing I really appreciate about Good Morning Milo is there is a chick in the band who isn’t the singer. I think bands that do so show maturity and open-mindedness and I find that it almost always extends into the music. In Good Morning Milo’s case, it definitely makes a difference and allows them to stand out not only for their line-up but their willingness to take their music to new places.

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