Good Old War: Their Music Takes You Away

Good Old War hasn’t been a band that long, but you would have never guessed it by the legions of die-hard fans at their sold out show this past Friday at Maxwell’s. Amidst the crowd of tightly packed bodies in the hot and un-air conditioned Hoboken, NJ venue there was a buzz of anticipation and excitement as the band took the stage.

Good Old War played to a backdrop of dark curtains and red lights casting an intimate and romantic ambiance. They opened with the crowd favorite, “My Own Sinking Ship,” and played a mix of songs of their latest self-titled album and the 2008 release Only Way To Be Alone.

Throughout the evening, there was a jovial spirit in the air as fans, swayed, danced and sang long with every song creating making the crowd seem to be one with the band. This was especially evident when the band had an acoustic sing along encore of songs “That’s What’s Wrong” and “I’m Not For You.”

Good Old War incorporates a variety of sounds; everything from folk and jazz to rock creating an easy going, feel-good vibe. Songs like “Make My Life” and “Looking For Shelter” feature a laid back and breezy melodies that make you feel like you are in the Caribbean and not standing a little too close to strangers.

If you’re looking for some smooth and harmonious tunes, check out Good Old War live! Their self-titled album is available now on iTunes

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