New Andrew W.K. and G.G. Allin "Condensed Carnage" Throbbleheads

Aggronautix is releasing two new Throbbleheads, Andrew W.K. (limited to 1000) and G.G. Allin “Condensed Carnage” Edition (unlimited).

Andrew W.K. ThrobbleheadAndrew W.K., the king of party music, needed some sweet merch for the Warped Tour, so Aggronautix created a sweet ass Throbblehead for him. This figure ($19.95 SRP) captures Andrew raging on stage and is limited to 1000 numbered units, stands at 7 inches tall, and is made of super strong polyresin. Displayed in a windowed box, he’s accurately sculpted right down to the bloody face, arm tats, watch, and dirty whites.

Link to buy:

G.G. Allin Condensed Carnage ThrobbleheadThe G.G. Allin “Condensed Carnage” Edition is a smaller version of the original G.G. “1991” limited edition throbblehead that quickly sold out. The figure ($14.95 SRP) stands at 5 inches tall and is made of a lightweight polyresin. Displayed in a windowed box, here GG is accurately sculpted right down to the tattoos, blood, and filth. Mount him on your dash or on your hood, carry him in your your pocket, take him everywhere!

Link to buy:

Both throbblehead figures will be distributed by MVD Entertainment Group – a company specializing in music-related distribution since 1986 – and DKE Toys – a wholesale distributor of urban / vinyl / designer art / objects / toys / figurines.

Andrew W.K. is the seventh punk personality to be polyresinated by Aggronautix. In May of 2009, the company launched with a highly popular G.G. Allin “1991” figure, which was limited to 2000 numbered units.

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