Circa Survive Fails to Disappoint

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You wouldn’t be surprised to hear about the frontman of a band making it big, then letting their ego travel straight to their head. That’s why it’s refreshing to experience Anthony Green. The unique vocalist succeeds as a musician, to say the very least, yet continues to remember why he is so successful–his fans.

Circa Survive pleasantly surprised their followers by adding a New York City show at the Highline Ballroom on June 8. While crowds gathered in front of the stage in high anticipation, Green walked amongst those who cherish his music. He didn’t have his hood up or an entourage rushing him through the masses. Instead, he took some pre-show time to smile in pictures and mingle with a few lucky souls who paid attention and realized it was him. He fit right in, and to fit right in at your own show is a rare commodity in today’s rock scene.

As if meeting the man behind the mind-blowing voice wasn’t enough, he slipped onto the stage and sang a few lines with the opening act, Kilimanjaro (an As Tall As Lions side project). Yes, it was amazing. And yes, the Circa Survive performance was even more amazing. It’s obvious that Green thrives off of the crowd’s energy–both were at a skyrocketing high. The crowd moved as one–screaming in honest approval when the band started playing old favorites, swaying to the rhythm as Green slurred sweet melodies out across the room, and begging for more when the set ended. One of the night’s best surprises came at the end of the show when Green admitted they rarely played this particular song live, but also admitted it meant a lot to them: Always Getting What You Want.

Overall, classic night with one of rock’s most humble spirits. Get Blue Sky Noise and The Inuit Sessions EP now on Amazon.

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