Rocking Under The Radar: The Colourist

The Colourist

Southern California band The Colourist is composed of Justin Wagner (keys vocals), Kollin Johannsen (bass/guitar), Adam Castilla (guitar/vocals), and Maya Tuttle (drums /vocals). The Orange county quartet describes themselves as majestic, jungle rock. Listening to them you can’t help but get swept away by the exuberance of lofty pop melodies with catchy choruses and a splendid laid back vibe that is the perfect soundtrack for your summer vacation.

Earlier this year the band was nominated for three OCMAs: “Best New Artist,” “Best Song (Oh Goodbye),” and “Best Live Band.” The band also released their self-titled EP featuring the nominated song “Oh Goodbye.”

Contributor Suzanne caught up with The Colourist at SXSW where they talked about how they came together, where they get their ideas for their videos, and what they plan to do for the summer:

For more information on The Colourist check them out on MySpace and get their self-titled EP now on The Colourist!

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