Sonicbids Acquires ArtistData

Earlier this week, Sonicbids, the Boston-based website that helps bands discover and book gigs announced it has acquired ArtistData, the publishing platform used by musicians to update and publish their content across the web. The acquisition will enable Sonicbids to not only help musicians get gigs, but also increase their likelihood of success by utilizing ArtistData tools for marketing and promoting their shows to fans, social networks, concert databases, local newspapers and more. “We are hyper-focused on delivering value to our customers, and ArtistData was the most frequently requested partnership from our members,” said Panos Panay, Sonicbids Founder and CEO. “Helping bands connect with promoters is great, but we were missing a piece of the puzzle in helping bands and promoters get the word out about those gigs to bring in the fans.

ArtistData’s founder Brenden Mulligan really nailed this, and it’s clear based on ArtistData’s traction in the market. We’re very excited to welcome him and his ideas to our company to help further grow our product.” ArtistData has more than 25,000 independent and signed musicians as members who use the site to enter gig-related information from one central dashboard and to publish that data across the web within seconds. Sonicbids and ArtistData are a natural fit as both companies have focused on helping independent and signed musicians build sustainable music careers.

More than 245,000 musicians use Sonicbids to manage their Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) and book gigs around the world. Last year, over 71,000 gigs were booked using Sonicbids, helping bands reach millions of new fans. Sonicbids’ exclusive relationships include industry giants like South by Southwest and CMJ, as well as leading European festivals EuroSonic and MIDEM. “The combined offering of Sonicbids and ArtistData is extremely powerful, as it makes it easier than ever for artists to manage their touring all in one place,” said Brenden Mulligan, Founder of ArtistData and now Vice President of Strategic Development for Sonicbids. “Sonicbids has spent almost ten years growing a sustainable business around helping artists and constantly reinvests into the independent music ecosystem. I’m proud to join the team and can’t wait to help Sonicbids make substantial progress and add lasting value to their platform.”

Sonicbids plans to integrate ArtistData’s functionality into its product by the end of this year. ArtistData’s free offerings will continue to be free and from now through September 1, ArtistData’s premium offerings will also be free to users courtesy of Sonicbids. About Sonicbids Sonicbids is the website the helps bands get gigs and promoters book the right bands. Our community includes more than 245,000 bands and 21,000 promoters and licensors from all around the world.

With festivals, clubs, colleges, music licensing and much more, Sonicbids offers a diverse range of gigs for every kind of musician. In fact, last year alone, more than 71,000 gigs were booked on the site. The company was founded in 2001 by Panos Panay and continues to focus on its core mission of empowering the artistic middle class. Get a gig or book a band at

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