Album Review: La Roux 'The Gold EP'

Bulletproof The GoldEP_Cover
Unlike the name of the album, the four tracks on The Gold EP fail to shimmer and shine. Being a fan of both La Roux and remixes in general I was excited to hear the “Bullet Proof” in a new format, but it was kind of a let down.

The first and last track stand out a bit, but what lies in between does little for the listener’s ear. The first track is a live version of the song which you can hear Elly Jackson’s exciting performance through the music. What follows are 2 indistinguishable remixes. The last remix by Fred Falke features a more remixed sound with a mix of guitar vibrations adding another layer to the music. This EP kind of leaves me feeling like I’ve listened to the song on repeat, not three remixes

For more information on La Roux check out MySpace and get The Gold EP now on La Roux!

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