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California 4-piece Chief, comprised of early 20-somethings Evan Koga, brothers Danny and Michael Fujikawa and Mike Moonves, are on the road for a run of highly anticipated select U.S. tour dates previewing songs from their brilliant debut album Modern Rituals, out on August 17, 2010. The newest signing to Domino Records, Chief has already garnered a fervent following in NYC and LA as well as early radio support from KEXP, BBC Radio 6 Music and Zane Lowe’s influential Radio 1 show. Chief signed to Domino shortly after moving back to Santa Monica after graduating from NYU and quickly began recording in LA with Grammy-winner Emery Dobyns as producer. The result is one of the most stunning debut albums of the new decade. Modern Rituals is stuffed full of soaring melodies, shimmering guitars, heart-stopping harmonies and freewheeling melodic rock. Sharing tales of romantic disappointments, left lovers and floundering emotions, their live show, just like their album, is as rich and expansive as it is personal and intricate. Modern Rituals is a radiant, cohesive and effortlessly captivating introduction to a formidable new band whose touchstones include Love, The Beach Boys, Neil Young and The Band. Don’t miss them live!

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