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This Saturday I’ll be going on vacation and will be off for a week; but don’t worry before I go I’m giving you another week of music to listen to and shows to see. If you’re not like me and aren’t going on vacation then you will be able to go see any one of the quality shows going on in the Tri-State area. On top of that I offer you some great songs that could catch on as some of the summers most popular and you’re going to get them here first.

Shows for the Week

Saturday June 5th:
Ever since arriving on to the alternative rock scene the brothers of Kings of Leon have had hit single after hit single. With songs like “Sex on Fire,” “Use Somebody,” and “Notion” nearly everyone has made out to at least one of their songs. This Saturday at the Borgata Event Center at 8 p.m. in Atlantic City the band will be performing. Kings’ performance offers a great opportunity to bring someone on a first date or your significant other on a third. Even if you are currently single this event could be the perfect opportunity to meet that special someone.

In my brief time spent here at ESBMusic I’ve been exposed to numerous new musical acts, Broken Bells being one of the acts. However, once introduced to them they have been on constant rotation on my iPod and car’s CD player. While I am excited about my pending vacation I am regretting that I will be missing an opportunity to see Broken Bells perform at The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza at 9 p.m. Don’t miss out on this show, and while you’re there sing along to “The High Road” just for me.

Friday June 11th:
Typical, run of the mill, and bland are words that have never been attributed to the long standing alt-rock group out of Brooklyn, New York, They Might Be Giants. With songs about a “particle man” and whether the largest city in Turkey should be called Istanbul or Constantinople, TMBG are anything but ordinary. These quirky lyrics however, are the reason that the band has maintained a cult-like following for some twenty odd years. While getting to see one of the most original alt-rock bands, ever, may be enticing enough for some, they will be performing at the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park at 8 p.m.

Music for the Week

“Teach Me How To Dougie” – California Swag District
Over the past few years Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em and the New Boyz have brought dance crazes to small town suburbs all over the United States. Soulja Boy taught us all how to “crank that” and the New Boyz taught us how to “jerk”, the difference with California Swag District is that they’re bringing back an old dance. Few music listeners remember the days of Doug E. Fresh and the get fresh crew, but apparently the members of CSD haven’t forgotten about them as they attempt to bring back “the dougie”. I’m not going to even try to explain it to you (go to YouTube and look it up). Mark my words, this will be a country wide hit, trust me on this.

“Find Your Love” – Drake
For those who may have thought Drake was going to be a one summer wonder they are being consistently proven wrong. As his first single off of this first official studio album, Drake’s “Over” has been played in speakers all over the U.S., and maybe the world. In yet another song, Drake passes over the typical act hard and talk about selling drugs routine that is so popular in today’s rap genre. Instead he once again delves into his feelings of love and desire, singing both the chorus and stacking clever metaphors within every verse. With Lil’ Wayne still sitting in a jail cell it appears that Drake may very well be at the top of the Young Money label.

Album for the Week

“Uni-5: The World’s Enemy” – Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony once sang “see you at the crossroads, so you won’t be lonely”, and now they find themselves at, well, a crossroads. They can either fall into irrelevancy and become that rap group that had that song that you liked that one time or further cement their legacy. Personally I feel that they accomplish the latter with their latest installment. As always the group mixes almost choir like music with rhymes interspersed in between. The thing that I have always admired about the group is that they really do, “keep it real”, they talk about their actual lives and the struggles they’ve gone through. Personally I’ll be listening to Bone Thugs as I fly off into the Bahamas. So while I’m enjoying the beautiful weather I hope you’ll all be enjoying the great sounds of what I’ve brought to you this week. Until next time, keep it easy, 1 love.

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