The Breathe of Fresh: I Want London

Theophilus London is far from your average East coast rapper. Born in Brooklyn, New York, and being influenced by artist like Michael Jackson, Morrisey, Prince, Lauryn Hill, Kraftwerk, and James Brown, Theophilus London II, (real name by the way) has established himself as a niche in the hip-hop market with his inventive/experimental beat selection, and ability to rap over older and obscure tracks all the while creatively weaving interesting and emotionally deep subject matter into it.

In 2008 Theophilus London released the JAM! mixtape garnering attention from a limited audience of what he called “boutique people and people who appreciate music like that.” Littered with fast paced and hard hitting productions, unaltered samples, and melodic – in someways depressingly beautiful – songs, JAM! established Theophilus London as a different type of Brooklyne MC, and a different type of rapper.

Since then he released his second mixtape, This Charming Mixtape, following in the footsteps of JAM! and giving him an even wider audience, and connects in the form of artist like Solange Knowles, super-producer A-Track, and legendary singer-songwriter and Gorillaz front man Damon Albarn. He is also creating a side-project with Mark Ronson, Sam Sparro and the Dap Kings entitled Chauffeur, and is on tour promoting his new mixtape I Want You in the UK.

Theophilus London began as an obscure New York rapper with a weird name (originally known as Thelonious Kapps) and now is… an obscure New York rapper with a slightly less weird name, but has developed a solid and loyal fanbase, dozens upon dozens of connects, and an originality that no one can copy.

Down below are his first two mixtapes…

Theophilus London – JAM!

Theophilus London – This Charming Mixtape

…and here are some places where you can learn more about him.

Theophilus London’s Myspace

Theophilus London’s Twitter

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