Semi Precious Weapons Bring Glam To Bowery

While outside it was a dead Monday night in April, the inside of the Bowery Ballroom was filled to the brim with excitement and fervor. The sold out crowd was eager and ready for the main attraction; Semi Precious Weapons and oh did they deliver.

The band entered the stage to cheers and screams. Lead vocalist, Justin Tranter struts onto stage saying hi to the crowd then telling them to shut up. The audience loves this decadent, crass and unruly attitude. They break out their first song “Semi Precious Weapons” and the crowd goes wild dancing and singing along to lyrics like “I can’t pay my rent, but I’m f-ing gorgeous”

Although the set was short, it was definitely entertaining. The band played bone tingling, down and dirty rock and roll with a sensational touch of glam. Tranter is an exceptional front man; the addition of his lively gyrating and costume changes makes for a great musical experience.

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