Against Me! Makes for an Extraordinary Night in Asbury

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Bands progress. As time moves forward, so does their sound. There exists no exception for those mysterious anarcho punks who call themselves Against Me! Yet this classic foursome from Gainesville, Fl. rocked Asbury, filling The Stone Pony on Thursday night. People crammed into the famous venue, and sweat poured as the pits raged.

This June, Against Me!  is releasing their fifth album, White Crosses, so it was no surprise that fans heard a few new songs, most notably, “I Was a Teenage Anarchist.” Observe the past tense. This jam reminds fans that while the band started out staring revolution in the face, they aren’t those young punks anymore. In this song, front man Tom Gabel blares out to the crowd, “Do you remember when you were young and you wanted to set the world on fire?” And devout fans do remember.

Unfortunately, the new age punks look back at Against Me! without recognizing the necessity of mere growing-up. While playing a new song, the band received a few signs of disapproval. Yet the signs came from a roaring pit. So who’s laughing?

Dead To Me and Moneybrother opened for Against Me! Both bands played for an amused crowd. There was evidence of a fan base for each. As some sang along, pits broke-out and shoes were lost.

Overall Against Me! mellowed over the years, but when playing older songs everyone in the crowd remembered why they bought a ticket to the show. For most, the night still ended with one fist in the air.

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