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Members of NJ Band Embracers | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

Matt and two Mike’s founded the rock and roll group. Then they pulled in another Mike, and Brendan to complete the five-piece band. Don’t be fooled by the lack of diversity in member names, those New Jersey natives form quite a sound when put together.

The sound of an eclectic rock band, that is a little bit of folk with a splash of indie flair. Although I’ve never seen them play live, I can very easily imagine them to successfully entertain on the Florida shores at sunset. The Embracers have solid rhythm and catchy beats, both of which are fundamental to pleasing a crowd.

For a young band, they have already appeared in a number of festivals, performing alongside numerous big shots such as Third Eye Blind and Pete Yorn, just to name a couple. Their self-titled EP can be found on their Bandcamp page, with six fairly uptempo tracks to get you daydreaming about the upcoming summer. Just a tad.

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