Dirty Heads Find The Vibe

Dirty Heads. Two parts Sublime, one part 311 and a hint of Jack Johnson. Although their sound is caught somewhere between reggae, rock and hip-hop they definitely aren’t at all stuck. Their fun, carefree vibe comes through in their music, which flows with ease and soothes the mind, yet still rocks out.

Their debut album, Any Port In A Storm, is the perfect beach party soundtrack, clearly an artistic style acquired in their hometown of Orange County, CA. It took a mere twelve years since the bands formation to release their debut, but it was well worth the wait. The Heads’ perseverance and hard work has clearly paid off, recently being named one of the “Best New Bands of 2010” by Rolling Stone, and being featured in numerous movie, television and video game soundtracks.
The twenty-two-song extended album boasts a collaboration with Rome of Sublime feat. Rome and even has an acoustic Coldplay cover. The twenty other sun-surf-and-skate-inspired songs show signs that the Heads can maybe, just maybe, fill a void left by Sublime’s tragic end. I know it might sound like heresy, but check out the track “Neighborhood” and you might just get the chills. It’s a real hot track.

Slowly but surely the quartet is carving out their niche in the surfing/skating culture, and barring a tragic downfall, it’s a spot they’re sure to hold onto for quite some time. If they continue to build their sound with forward thinking production (think Honey Claws), Dirty Heads has got what it takes to be a mainstay on the scene.

Get Any Port In A Storm now on The Dirty Heads and for more information on the band go to their official website.

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