The Breathe Of Fresh: Hip-Hop's New Look

First and foremost this post is dedicated to the late great Guru (July 17, 1966 – April 20, 2010). May he rest in peace.

What up and welcome to a new Eat Sleep Breathe Music feature called The Breathe Of Fresh! Every week we bring you new, and buzzing hip-hop artists’ music, news, and interviews to keep you on track with the growing hip-hop scene out there, and every month we will introduce you to either a new or buzzing artist. This will give you information on the artist, and in some cases new exclusive music by them. But that’s not all!!! Periodically we will feature mixtapes of these artist free for your viewing ears. So sit back relax and enjoy… Hip-hop’s rebirth at ESBMusic.

But you didn’t think we would leave you without a parting gift did you? Here are a few goodies for this week’s first Hip-hop artist — Blu!!

Blu vs Exile – Love Line

Blu – Amnesia

Blu – BossCo 2

Johnson&Johnson (Blu & Mainframe) – Disco Dynamite

Blu – DepartingFlights

– Oh yea, almost forgot. If you have any suggestions or questions, like an artist you like and want to be heard leave a comment on the boards.

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