'Rebirth' Lil Wayne's New Single

By Chris LeBron

Knockout has all the stylings and trimmings of a track that is the sum of all the spare parts from Blink 182’s b-side tracks. Producer J.U.S.T.I.C.E League a group of award winning hip hop engineers should stick their rap game as their synthetic, lack of musicianship, and excessive auto-tuning is unwanted in this part of town. I wonder if punk fans will take this as a slight. I can’t believe Rolling Stone gave the entire album an above average review due in part to this particular song. You have to be a good musician to make good music and Lil’ Wayne is doing his hometown of New Orleans a great disservice by releasing this album under the genre of music. I would think that Wayne would garnish a better reception to this song if it was categorized as a comedy, however, even that would be laughable only in audiences’ initial reaction as disappointment would soon consume them as they are all to realize what a farce main stream music and Rolling Stone Magazine has become. Wayne if you wanna do rock learn how to read music, learn an instrument, and take interest in its’ history other wise stick to the synthesized tunes and Cher-esque vocal performances.

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