A Small Taste of The Vicious Guns

The Vicious Guns new self-titled EP is a succinct insight into the trio’s tight, melodic, synth-grooves that provide just enough to keep you satisfied, but begging for more. The four songs, running just under 15 minutes, showcase lead singer Jennie Vicious’ warm, inviting voice over glitchy dance beats, spacey synth lines, and scratchy guitar licks.

The EP draws influences from Crystal Castles, Broken Social Scene, and other post-punk rockers, but builds it’s own sound that doesn’t seem reused or recycled. The strongest track of the group is “Newchain,” which despite running just over 3 minutes, features a slow and steady build that begs you to crank up the volume. It also features, along with “Migraine,” some of Jennie’s most beautiful lyrical melodies of the EP. It’s her use of tone and dynamics that is the saving grace of the group, because her singing bridges a deep connection with the listener.

Although overly glitchy synth songs can get often annoying and obnoxious, opening track, “Friends Aren’t Friends,” is a fun, ode-to-the-80’s glitchfest that sounds like it belongs in a Euro fashion show. “Philadelphia” features another female vocalist, Erin Lang, whose light, airy vocals contrast nicely with the song’s synthesized male vocals (which it could have used more of) and fast jungle beats.

Overall, this EP definitely deserves a listen, especially if you love female vocals and strong synth lines. Hopefully the full-length album (set to release this summer)  fleshes out the raw ideas of the EP, while building their new-age electro sound without getting monotonous or boring. With their talent and creativity on full display, chances are they’ll pull through.

Get their self-titled EP now on The Vicious Guns and for more information on the band check out their MySpace page here!

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