NYC’s Demander will make you love “Math”


Demander’s second album, Future Brite, is set for release on April 20th and the lead off single and video for “Math” is about as irresistible as can be. Recorded in NYC, the album was produced by Jim Keller and features a mix by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Hold Steady). Guest musicians include Franz Nicolay of The Hold Steady, Native American Music Award winner Martha Redbone, and members of World/Inferno Friendship Society and Anti-Social Music. There was some singing done in a vocal booth that smelled like sheep perfume and a whole lot of clapping.

Demander’s Karen Kanan Corrêa and Sivan Harlap met as members of The Hissyfits in 2001. Sivan actually spent the first few months of their acquaintance trying to get Karen kicked out of the group – not everyone likes viola in a rock band – but Karen eventually switched to bass and the two became fast friends and musical allies over the next two years performing with The Killers, Gary Go, Holly Golightly and many others.

The two formed Demander in 2005 and have since recorded an EP, album and a few singles, toured with The Hold Steady, Art Brut and New Model Army and played shows with the likes of Mindless Self Indulgence, Frank Black, Kevin Devine, Nicole Atkins, Constantines, and Heartless Bastards. Press has been kind with features and reviews at RCRD LBL, CMJ New Music Monthly, The Deli Magazine, and a stint as’s Band of the Day. Now Demander is in yer pants, too – Levi’s just picked Future Brite as the soundtrack to the company’s latest European ad campaign.

Listen to the track “Math”  from Future Brite which is available now on Demander. For more information check out the band on MySpace, Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

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