Eat Sleep Breathe Music Indie Cards Are Here!


Eat Sleep Breathe Music has released our Featured Artist’s Volume 1 Indie Card downloads. Be sure to ask for one when you see us or the artists.

Featured artists and tracks:

Status Green “Denver After Dawn” and “Sting My Soul” –
Last Nights Vice “Perfect Little Noise” –
Loomis And The Lust “Bright Red Cords” –
Of Fate And Chance “When She Needed Arms” –
The Life I Lead “Confide” –
Someone Say Something “Less Than Lazy” –
The Lives Of Famous Men “Orchids” –
Blameshift “Say What You Wanna Say” –
The Bay State “Liars” –
The Ugly Club “The Limbo of Sasha” –
Rick Barry “All Of Your Mistakes Have Names” –
Last Perfect Thing “Take Me Away” –
Safe To Say “Irrelevant” –

Don’t forget to check out our Song of The Day for more great tracks!

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