Rocking Under the Radar: The Loved Ones

Band: The Loved Ones

Where Are They From? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When Did They Start? 2003

Who Are They? The Loved Ones are a straight-ahead punk band with a bit of pop-punk thrown in for good measure. The band formed in 2003 after lead singer/guitarist Dave Hause left the band Paint It Black. Since then, they’ve released two EPs and two full albums, and have toured extensively, opening for fellow punk acts like The Bouncing Souls and The Gaslight Anthem.

Why Should You Care? Because The Loved Ones are one of the tightest-sounding punk bands around. They combine a powerful sound with often-insightful lyrics to forge some great tracks. The band also has an appreciation for rock/punk history, as they have released official covers of songs by Joe Strummer, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Bragg.

What Do They Have to Say?

  • “There’s a faith that could tear this whole thing apart/But there are drinks that could cause the dancing to start” – Lyric from “Pretty Good Year”
  • “For a couple of years she covered her eyes/And she’d give him hell sometimes/The makeup covered the bruises, but somehow made her blind” – Lyric from “Distracted”
  • How Do They Sound?

  • “Sarah’s Game”
  • “Jane”
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