Mother/Father's "Order" Video

Mother/Father have a sound that evokes an en earlier musical period incorporating the 60’s, the 70’s and 90’s.  The bandstarted when the four individual members crossed paths while on tour in support of their respective previous projects. The collaboration was instantaneous, as they each quickly realized how much their individual artistic affinities, both musically and visually, was in reality one unified vision. This new formed alliance paved the way for the members of Mother/Father to work together in a way they never had the freedom to before, creating an aural and visual identity, which attracted the heavy interest of several notable industry professionals, namely producer/ engineer Jacquire King (Norah Jones, Kings of Leon, The Features, Archie Bronson Outfit, Modest Mouse). Mother/Father then entered into a unique type of business relationship with King andRadical Notion (independent media), a new artist development, artist management, and new media company of which King is a managing partner. The outcome of this unique relationship has resulted in more artistic liberation, freedom, and ultimately, creativity than most bands, whether indie or major, get to enjoy.

Mother/Father show their flair for art in the ominous and dark video for “Order.” Described as “slick monochrome video evoking propless Santaria, a barn side séance and an unsettling horse chase,” the video was featured as Spinner’s video of the day. Check it out here!

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