Sig's Pick Six: "Concert Mistakes, Falls, and Fails"

SigSixPickConceptFoo Fails by Falling
“YouTube – Lead singer of FOO FIGHTERS, Dave Grohl falls over on stage”
Words simply cannot describe the hilarity of the above video. In Dave Grohl’s defense, that is a really long run back to the main stage, and he did recover as well as could be hoped for.

Nickelback Faces a Hostile Crowd
“YouTube – Nickelback get’s hit with ROCKS!”
I absolutely cannot stand Nickelback, but the measures these fans took might be a little extreme even for me. Throwing rocks at a band just isn’t a good idea – someone might miss and hit another fan.

U2 Has Their Lemon “Tapped”
“YouTube – U2 – Lemon For Sale”
Above is a video highlighting U2’s giant lemon-like pod that they used as a major stage prop during their PopMart tour. One night, the pod refused to open, trapping the band inside for a few minutes. The Edge was later quoted in an interview as saying that the only thought going through his head during the time they were stuck was “We’ve become Spinal Tap.” It’s just too bad that footage of this incident is so hard to come by.

Bruce’s State of Confusion
“InfoLink Link” Towards the end of the “Working on a Dream” tour, Bruce Springsteen apparently started showing some tour fatigue from the 3-4 hour sets he and the band had been playing for close to two years on the road. One night last November, Bruce played to the crowd by referencing “Ohio” a few times. The only problem? Bruce and the band were actually in Detroit.

Tyler Falls Off of Aerosmith Tour
“YouTube – Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s Fall From Stage”
I was initially hesitant to include this one, because it resulted in a real injury that ended Aerosmith’s tour last year, and almost broke up the band. However, after I remembered that everything is healed now and the band is touring again, I have no problem posting Steven Tyler’s ridiculous tumble.

Fergie Pees Her Pants
“- Photos of Fergie Pissing Her Pants On Stage | Dirty Rotten …”
I wanted to make a pee/pea pun for the title of this one, but I somehow relented. According to Fergie, she had a little too much to drink before a show and neglected to make a bathroom run before going on stage.

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