Rocking Under The Radar: An Evening With

Rocking Under The Radar: An Evening With | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

This week’s unsigned artist is alt-pop rockers An Evening With. Composed of Jay Alexander (vocals), Mario Mendoza (guitar), ReDi (drums), Mike DiRoma (guitar), and Adam Pallack (bass), this Long Island quintet is the brainchild of ex-drummer Jay Alexander. Wanting to create his musical vision, Alexander enlisted the help of “mad scientist” guitarist Mario Mendoza and the pair started to write songs and play open mic nights.

The duo went on to expand their sound by adding three more members; drummer ReDi, Roma on guitar, and Pallack on bass. Once the band was in placed the next logical step was to record an album. The guys trekked over to NJ to record their debut album with Rob Freeman, producer (Cobra Starship), and former guitarist/vocalist for Hidden In Plain View.

This past October, An Evening With has completed the release, Cruel Intentions. With songs about the ups and downs of youth,  love, and relationships, this album delivers a seamless blend of rock, pop, and punk creating ridiculously catchy, ear pleasing, enjoyment. 

You cannot help to get this music stuck in your head.  Songs like “Die For You” and “Hearts On Fire Again” feature magnetic opening riffs that are infectiously delicious.  This along with the enticing vocal range of lead singer Jay Alexander creates for music you’ll love.

Stand Out Tracks: “Die For You,” “Hearts On Fire Again,” and “Luck and Cruel Intentions”

The band will be playing a few shows in NY and NJ this month and next month on April 17th the AEW will be at The University of Pennsylvania’s Spring Fling. For more information check them out on Facebook


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