Rocking Under the Radar: Audio Fiction

The rock music scene is home to an immeasurable number of bands and artists, the vast majority of which are not household names. In “Rocking Under the Radar,” I attempt to highlight one of these under-the-radar acts by applying a very basic investigative method. If you want a quick synopsis of a band or artist you may not know about, this is the place to look.

Who Are They:

Audio Fiction

Where Are They From?

New York City

When Did They Start?

The band started playing live shows in 2003.

Who Are They? Audio Fiction has been playing live gigs for years, and recently released their self-titled debut album. The album has some critics drawing comparisons to No Doubt, The Pretenders, and Garbage (somewhat lazy/obvious connections due to all of them being rock bands with female lead singers). I, on the other hand, would liken AF more to Papa Roach in their “Getting Away With Murder” period, due to their similar power pop-rock, guitar-driven approaches.

Why Should You Care?

Because Audio Fiction combines serious pop hooks with a solid rock sensibility to create a very pleasing sound. Add on top of that some wonderful vocal lines from their lead singer, Kristin, and one can see why this band has a very bright future ahead.

How Do They Sound?

“Way Out”

“Race The Hourglass”

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