"Sunburned At Midnight" First Single by Glimr


The three core members of Glimr: Michael Temkin (guitar, voice), Chirs (guitar, keyboard), and Ankle The Mimic (bass) — recorded the album Faith of Our Fathers at two different collision regions of a 1.5 mile long particle accelerator that studies differences between matter and anti-matter.

Considering that Glimr members Temkin and Chirs are both scientists — Temkin dropped out of a Ph.D. program in particle physics at Harvard to pursue music and Chirs completed a Ph.D. in particle physics at Cornell – this fact makes some sense.

What defies a conventional explanation is the fact that the Faith of Our Fathers live track, “I Know His Blood Will Make Me Whole,” was recorded after Temkin partook of some bourbon from Glimr bassist, Ankle The Mimic’s prosthetic leg.

Listen to their single “Sun Burned At Midnight” below

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