Help Kickstarter Make An Album With Anthony Fiumano!

Kickstarter is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, and explorers. Anthony Fiumano is one artist who is looking for money help to fund his upcoming album. Read below to find out how you can help  him out and get some pretty sweet items in return!

We’re making a new record!!

Creating and releasing a new full-length album is a huge endeavor that comes along with a lot of excitement, determination, and hard work. Getting back into the studio provides us with the opportunity to make a record that’s truly representative of where we are right now.

As we continue to prepare for the recording sessions, I continue to be inspired by the confidence that this album becomes more and more promising every day. This could be a huge leap forward for us, so we’re asking for your help!

Along with our gratitude, you will receive a whole slew of great stuff when you pledge (outlined on our Kickstarter page). The more money we can raise on Kickstarter, the better, but even small donations will add up if that’s all you can afford. Every backer will be “in the loop” on everything that’s going on with the making of the record.

You’ve shown us such support in the past that it only makes sense to not only make this album “for” you, but to make it “with” you! Let’s get this money raised, and leave the rest to us!

See you along the way,

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