The Superions Deliver Hilarious Dance Beats

Photo Courtesy of Fantatic Promotions
Photo Courtesy of Fantatic Promotions

The Superions are quite an interesting music group. Fred Schneider (of The B-52’s), Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall were just somewhat normal guys when their bodies, minds, and souls were taken over by alien beings from the planet Superion.

Now real talented, they perpetrated magic with their first digital single, “Totally Nude Island.” Take soft trade winds, a healthy dose of tropical passion, and a deadly volcano and voila!: an instant classic destined to sell millions, or a lot less, was born. Following on the heels of the multi-plat… er, real popular track, The Superions return with the new smash “Who Threw That Ham At Me” from their self-titled EP debut.

“Who doesn’t love a juicy, fatty, salty, canned ham covered in pineapple slices and those red dye #2 cherries?” asks music programmer Dan Marshall. “I don’t” says vocalist, lyricist Fred Schneider. “I’m a vegetarian.” “Where’s the sweet potatoes with marshmallows?” adds keyboardist Noah Brodie.

“Ham,” is a cautionary tale about the serious crime of shoplifting, set to a bouncy disco beat. Fred says: “It’s based on a true story someone told someone I know.” “Yeah, don’t do it!” says Dan with a stern countenance. “I saw a woman in a movie stick a big steak down her pants” adds Noah. “We’ve created a new dance craze sure to sweep the nation called The Disco Garbage Can,” says Fred.

Check out the tracks below:

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