The Shondes "My Dear One" Free Download

Brooklyn-based band The Shondes has signed to Fanatic Records for the May 4th, 2010 release of its second album, My Dear One, an album for survivors of broken hearts. The album’s title track is now available for free streaming and download. The Shondes will perform material from My Dear One live at South by Southwest at the Fanatic Records showcase at Beauty Bar on March 16th, 2010 and a full US tour surrounding the album’s release is to be announced.

In addition to making political art and melding influences as disparate as classical and traditional Jewish music and punk rock, The Shondes work for justice on many public levels, including in queer communities and as Jews fighting for a free Palestine. But, the band’s upcoming second album My Dear One is a more personal reminder that those who fight for what they feel passionately about still suffer heartbreak and require the intimacy of community and art to recover.

Both as individuals and as The Shondes, Louisa Solomon (bass, lead vocals), Elijah Oberman (violin), Temim Fruchter (drums) and guitarist Fureigh (guitar) have always chosen to explore this duality, to attempt the impossible, or at least, the inadvisable. “Shonde” is the Yiddish word for disgrace, after all. Heartbreak sucks and while My Dear One explores this in depth, the songs also explore questions about how each of us deserves to be treated and how we should treat each other.

Listen to the title track below and download it here!

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