M.E.A.N.Y Fest Finals At Blender Theatre

ESBMusic had the opportunity to see the M.E.A.N.Y. finals tonight at Blender Theatre in NYC. I had gotten there in time to see the some of the second band of Rizzo’s Dilemma. On my way in I ran into Adam Ritchie from The Lights Out and chatted awhile. Mid-conversation, I guess I pulled too hard on my necklace and the string broke making the beads fly off in all directions. I was able to find most of the pieces and thanks to Adam and Matt from the Lights Out who helped me pick up the pieces that I didn’t see.

Aside from the necklace debacle, I was still able to enjoy the band. I was digging Rizzo’s jam music and the long interludes. Next up was Tina Brown, one of the two special guests who played in between the band contestants. She opened with a cover of Kevin Rudolf’s “Let It Rock” then played a mix of covers with her own music. She had a great voice and reminded me of Pink! but with a little more rock/hip hop edge. Tina Brown ended and they resumed the contest with Saturday Astrology who was quite amazing. I really liked their music. It reminded me a bit of Pearl Jam with an electronic, etheral feel. I would recommend seeing this band play live. Our friends The Lights Out Were next on stage. It was a short set of rockin’ set. They were high energy and Adam even jumped off stage and ran around the venue while playing on his cordless guitar. It was great! The last band to play was The Better World. While they had a hard rock edge, they didn’t really move me too much. The second special guest to play was Unisex Salon. They were great. The guy/girl combo singers were a great compliment to the dance rock music. They had an entertaining stage presence and great sound!

After the band finished they announced the winners.  The Rhodes won 1st prize and The Lights Out were the runners up.

Congrats to The Rhodes and The Lights Out!

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